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Julia lives a freedom filled, abundant life without apology and wants the same for you. Through her journey and courage she has learned to live a passion filled life. Julia started her business at age 23 in a male dominated industry with a much older demographic. At that time she felt trapped to fit in for acceptance because she cared about what other people thought which sabotaged her growth and success. Eventually she learned to free herself from the judgement of others by ridding the scarcity and fear mindset and built a business around unleashing “her” spirit.  

Her passion is inspiring others through coaching disciplined strategies to create a life of Freedom.  She has a thriving business and enjoys disrupting the industry as a thought leader.  She is a frequently requested keynote speaker, an author and super mom to three amazing kids.

Freedom! What does this word mean to you?

When you focus on one area, the focus and discipline shows up in all areas. In that discipline you find FREEDOM.

Freedom of TIME

Do what you want to do just because you want to do it. We all have 24 hours a day, are we living those hours by doing what we desire?

Freedom of PASSION

Be authentically you and do what you love without fear or judgement of yourself or others.


Choose who you spend time with, ensuring they help and support the life you want, creating the best version of you!


To create an abundant mindset no matter how much money you have.

Julia is committed to encouraging each of you on our journey to these FREEDOMS. We want to create growth, improvement, inspire confidence and gain emotional strength together to become the most powerful, happy and successful “you” possible. This is the true reward of having more FREEDOM in life.

a Glimpse at my journey to Freedom

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My passion for business and finance started young. I remember the endless summer days setting up lemonade stands with my brother, mowing the neighbor’s lawn and having my own babysitting club. In high school, I had an amazing teacher that taught me about business and finance. After my first mock stock portfolio and hearing about stocks from my Grandpa, I was hooked on figuring out how to make this into a career. I knew entrepreneurship, personal finance and investing was just what I wanted to do.

The summer after graduating high school in the Greater Seattle area, I met Chris and a year later we were married. I moved from the big city to a tiny town on the Oregon Coast and went to work for a local bank. Looking back at those banking days I moved up quickly, going from Teller, to Personal Banker, to Assistant Loan Officer and then found my passion with the Investment Center. I loved it! I remember following the Financial Adviser around asking questions and could not learn fast enough. With only an associate’s degree, they trained me; I was eager and had the right attitude. They sent me to school and I passed all my securities license exams before I was 21 years old!

I live in a small community and it only took about three years to hit the glass ceiling. In 2000, I was recruited by a financial services company out of Portland, I saw it as a chance to do what I love and be my own boss. I didn’t have kids at the time and my husband was supportive so I put in my resignation and went for it. Yes I was scared and filled with fear but I knew it was the right choice. I worked hard at it and found success; within a couple years I was a top producer in Oregon. To me it has always been about helping people win with money. I have a passion to help others by inspiring them to really change their behaviors to pursue abundance and financial freedom.

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Fitness and Health have always been part of my life. I participated in all sorts of sports as a kid. I always had a dream of being in the Olympics or playing a sport professionally when I grew up. After the kids came along, I wanted to lose the baby weight and get back into top shape. I set a big goal and challenged myself and entered a figure bodybuilding competition. This proved to be one of the hardest things I have ever done both physically and mentally. I competed for about 5 years and this ultimately was what inspired me to write my book, Fit Money.



I am blessed with amazing parents that gave me an unshakable foundation filled with truth and love; this has helped me in all aspects of my life. I have lost loved ones, withstood challenges, persevered through heartbreak and walked with friends going through unbearable circumstances. As an eternal optimist, I look at things as growing experiences; as hard as it is in the moment, when time passes, I grow through the challenges. Hard lessons are learned (sometimes taking many instances of the same issue) and has ultimately molded my character into who I am today. I know to my core that the work I am doing is my calling. I integrate this passionate work I do as an entrepreneur with being a wife of over 22 years to Christopher and mom to three active kids. I am not always balanced but I am whole.

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