Most Requested Keynotes and Topics

Freedom Journey

Julia shares her inspiring, entrepreneurial story of how she built a million-dollar business from scratch in a male dominated industry.  She transformed her self-critical, fear-minded and self-sabotaging behaviors to one of freedom, abundance and an unleashed spirit.  

The audience will learn:

  • The practical strategies she uses to shake up the norm and market yourself authentically.

  • How to create freedom in your business and build a life you love.

 Audience members will leave motivated, inspired and have actionable ideas to build a thriving business.

Creating a diverse and inclusive Culture in business

Award winning business owner Julia Carlson delivers a dynamic keynote filled with insights on creating a diverse and inclusive culture in business. From her stories of creating core values that shook up her business to defining what it means to not have a sick policy, she has created a company that has revolutionized an industry! Learn how to create freedom in your life as a business owner, let go of your intellectual property without fear and create an environment for your staff to thrive.  

The audience will learn:

  • Tips to create core values from the inside out and use them as a guiding light.

  • Insights and practical strategies on creating a company culture of inclusion and diversity.

  • Keys to break through plateaus and delegate wisely.

  • Secrets to creating passionate, engaged employees that are aligned with your greater purpose.

 Fit Money – 7 Steps to get your Financial Life in Shape

Based on her book Fit Money, 7 Steps to Get Your Financial Life in Shape, Julia shares real-life experiences from competing in figure bodybuilding and getting in the best shape of her life to the steps necessary to build a “fit” and strong financial future. Audience members will leave empowered to rid the fear of finances and take action on getting their financial life in shape. Julia will help the group create an empowering and abundant money mindset. Her desire is for the participants to experience financial freedom while building a strong financial future.

  • Julia will guide the group in creating a healthy money mindset by exposing past money beliefs,

  • Learn the steps to overcome the debt binge and become debt free. 

  • Strategies to set up a strong financial future through repetition and consistency.


Julia M Carlson

An entrepreneur at heart, Julia launched into the financial planning field at the age of 19 and started her own business at age 23. She has over 22 years’ experience helping families and business owners with their wealth management needs, working within her 5 office locations in Oregon and SW Washington. Julia has been honored to be recognized for her excellence throughout her career and was most recently named by Forbes in 2018 as one of America’s Top Women Advisors and for Best-In-State Wealth Advisors.

Drawing from nearly two decades of experience as an Entrepreneur, Julia is an avid Blogger and Writer.  She is the author of Fit Money and in her book explains 7 Steps to Get Your Financial Life in Shape. The inspiration for her book stems from her combined experience in financial planning and her fit lifestyle as a former figure bodybuilding competitor. Julia also writes a financial column for the Newport News-Times and a blog online. People flock to her seminars and turn to her column and blog for financial advice.

Julia has been honored to be a speaker at many different events. She captivates audiences with her authenticity, expertise, and charisma. Her keynote topics range from how she built a 7-figure business while integrating life as a mom, creating a diverse and inclusive business culture, inspiring women to rid the fear mindset around finances and the 7 Steps to get your Financial Life in Shape.  As a business owner, wife, and mother to three children Julia wants to inspire others to feel empowered to build successful lives. Some of the events she has spoken at include:

  • LPL Financial National FOCUS Conference

  • InvestmentNews Best Practices in Diversity and Inclusion

  • Corvallis Chamber of Commerce - Women Conference

  • Lincoln City Womens Conference

  • NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors)

  • LPL Women Advisor Leaders Conferences

Julia’s talks can be delivered as keynotes, business or association presentations, workshops or corporate trainings.